Classification in Biology MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn classification in biology MCQs, SAT biology test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Sat biology quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), classification in biology quiz questions and answers, living organism, classification in biology tutorials for best SAT online course prep.

SAT biology practice test MCQ: mushrooms, toadstools belongs to group with choices plantae, fungi, animalia and protoctista problem solving skills for summative and formative assessment, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free study guide is for online learning classification in biology quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Classification in Biology Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Mushrooms, toadstools belongs to group

  1. plantae
  2. fungi
  3. animalia
  4. protoctista


MCQ. In binomial system name of organisms consists of

  1. 1 name
  2. 2 names
  3. 3 names
  4. four names


MCQ. Porifera belong to group

  1. fungi
  2. protoctista
  3. plantae
  4. animalia


MCQ. Genus of domestic cat is

  1. felis
  2. canis
  3. cervus
  4. taxidea


MCQ. System of classification based on structural similarities was invented by

  1. Nepraman
  2. Carolus Linnaeus
  3. Rachel Carson
  4. Emst Mayr