Nature of educational psychology Quiz Question and Answers 20 PDF Download

Learn nature of educational psychology quiz online, psychology test 20 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free nature of educational psychology MCQs questions and answers to learn educational psychology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on nature of educational psychology test with answers, draw back and limitations of introspection, behaviorism, some limitations of piaget's theory, nature of educational psychology worksheets.

Free online nature of educational psychology course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: educational psychology is mostly concerned with what is happening with choices in the past, in the future, in the present and all of these with technical interview questions for online assessment of fresh and experienced graduates, study introduction to educational psychology multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Nature of educational psychology Worksheet 20

Nature of educational psychology Quiz

MCQ: Educational psychology is mostly concerned with what is happening

  1. In the past
  2. In the future
  3. In the present
  4. All of these


Some limitations of piaget's theory Quiz

MCQ: Much of new research on cognitive development in children suggest that

  1. Piaget view was accurate
  2. Piaget view was wrong
  3. Piaget view needs to be modified
  4. It is impossible to replicate piaget's research because it was done primarily on his three children


Behaviorism Quiz

MCQ: Learning is

  1. Relatively permanent change in behavior
  2. It only occurs through conditioning
  3. passive process
  4. All of these


Some limitations of piaget's theory Quiz

MCQ: All of following is an application of piagets' theory Except:

  1. Not all concepts of cognitive stage develop at the same time
  2. Changing the tasks that measure cognitive development changes skills children exhibit
  3. Children can be trained to do tasks that they should not be stage they are in to do the cognitib
  4. Some of the skills identified appear much later then he suggested


Draw back and limitations of Introspection Quiz

MCQ: In introspection state of one's mental process is

  1. Diverting
  2. Changing
  3. Growing
  4. None of these