Selecting Organizational Structure MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Selecting organizational structure MCQs, selecting organizational structure quiz answers to learn project management online courses. Learn projects and organizational structure multiple choice questions (MCQs), selecting organizational structure quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on risk management and project office, project team, projects and functional organization, pure project organization, selecting organizational structure test prep for project management certifications.

Practice projects and organizational structure test MCQs: choice of an organizational form for projects is addressed to, with choices aspiring project managers, project managers, senior management, and lower managers for online project management degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning selecting organizational structure quiz questions for competitive assessment in management major.

MCQ on Selecting Organizational Structure Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Choice of an organizational form for projects is addressed to

  1. Aspiring Project managers
  2. Project Managers
  3. Senior management
  4. Lower managers


MCQ: Form that is not appropriate to use for a single functional area i.e. development of a new product line, is

  1. Mixed project form
  2. Hybrid project form
  3. Pure Project form
  4. Virtual project form


MCQ: Functional form is preferred for projects that will require

  1. Large capital Investment
  2. Small Capital Investment
  3. Small Projects
  4. Megaprojects


MCQ: In choosing organizational form, PM is rarely asked for input to

  1. Interface choice
  2. Project choice
  3. System choice
  4. Integration choice


MCQ: Firstly, for each task in structure, determine the

  1. Managerial unit
  2. Functional unit
  3. Technological unit
  4. Technical unit