Project Management Practice Questions Multiple Choice Questions PDF Download

Learn project management practice questions MCQs, online advance project management test for e-learning degrees, online courses prep. Practice management of conflicts and negotiation multiple choice questions (MCQs), project management practice questions quiz questions and answers. Career test on requirements and principles of negotiation, partnering, chartering and scope change, project management practice questions tutorials for online windows project management tools courses distance learning.

Study bachelor and masters in project management degree courses, learn advance project management degree programs MCQs: project team becomes aware of a recent innovation that allows a with options faster solution, cheaper solution, both a and b and expensive solution with online eLearning for online competitions like GMAT study test for good GMAT scores. Free skills assessment test is for online learn project management practice questions quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Project Management Practice Questions Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Project team becomes aware of a recent innovation that allows a

  1. Faster solution
  2. Cheaper solution
  3. Both A and B
  4. Expensive Solution


MCQ: Conflicting interests of firm and subcontractors lead both parties to work in an atmosphere of mutual

  1. Suspicion
  2. Understanding
  3. Antagonism
  4. Both A and C


MCQ: In such agreements, like charter, there is also an implication that none of parties will change agreement

  1. Pro-consultation
  2. Under-process
  3. Unilaterally
  4. Together with other parties


MCQ: Third-part of partnering process between parent organization and subcontractors covers issues of

  1. Acceptance of goal for improvement
  2. Resolving problems
  3. Support for the process From SM
  4. Joint evaluation


MCQ: All steps in Partnering process must be accompanied by negotiation, which should be

  1. Adversarial
  2. Nonadversarial
  3. Biased
  4. Supporting Scope