Management of Conflicts and Negotiation Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn management of conflicts and negotiation multiple choice questions, advance project management online test 1 for e-learning, online MBA programs test. Practice negotiation and project management multiple choice questions (MCQs), management of conflicts and negotiation quiz questions and answers. Learn negotiation and project management, partnering, chartering and scope change, requirements and principles of negotiation GMAT test for online collaborative project management courses distance learning.

Study management of conflicts and negotiation quiz with multiple choice question (MCQs): favored technique for resolving conflict is, for bachelor degree and masters in project management degree courses with choices conciliation, negotiating, removal of participants, not entertaining them for online competitive exams, certifications tests for financial aids, scholarships contests in universities. Practice skills assessment test to learn online negotiation and project management quiz questions with advance project management MCQs for Project Management Professional (PMP) certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Management of Conflicts and Negotiation Test 1

MCQ: Favored technique for resolving conflict is

  1. Negotiating
  2. Conciliation
  3. Removal of participants
  4. Not entertaining them


MCQ: Risk of scope change caused by increased user knowledge can be managed by improving communication with client and establishment of a

  1. Formal process to handle change
  2. Informal process to handle change
  3. Compromises to handle change
  4. Interface to handle change


MCQ: Fourth Point of Principled Negotiation is

  1. Invent options for mutual gain
  2. Insist on using objective criteria
  3. Separate the people from the problem
  4. Focus on interests, not positions


MCQ: "Objective is to find a solution so that no party can be made better off without making another party worse off", was said by

  1. Wall's solution
  2. Roget's solution
  3. Pareto-optimal solution
  4. Cohen solution


MCQ: Way in which organizations facilitate conflict integration is to establish

  1. Lateral relations
  2. Former Relations
  3. Formal Relations
  4. Basic relative relations