States of Matter Quiz Questions and Answers 26 PDF Download

Learn states of matter quiz, online Cambridge IGCSE physics test 26 for distance learning, online courses. Free physics MCQs questions and answers to learn states of matter MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on states of matter with answers, conduction in physics, temperature scales, moments, states of matter test for online physics classes courses distance learning.

Free states of matter online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: kinetic energy is with choices directly proportional to temperature, inversely proportional to temperature, directly proportional to friction and inversely proportional to heat for e-learning, online universities competitive exams for scholarships for international students, study kinetic theory of particles multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. States of Matter Video

Quiz on States of Matter Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 26

States of Matter Quiz

MCQ. Kinetic energy is

  1. directly proportional to temperature
  2. inversely proportional to temperature
  3. directly proportional to friction
  4. inversely proportional to heat


Moments Quiz

MCQ. Moment of force is equal to

  1. F/d, where F is force and d is distance
  2. F + d, where F is force and d is distance
  3. F*d, where F is force and d is distance
  4. F - d, where F is force and d is distance


Temperature Scales Quiz

MCQ. Boiling point of mercury is 630 K, which is equal to

  1. 357 °C
  2. −357 °C
  3. 84 °C
  4. −84 °C


Temperature Scales Quiz

MCQ. If resistance of a metal wire at ice point is 500 Ω and 510 Ω at steam point, and resistance of wire is 502 Ω room temperature would be

  1. 10 °C
  2. 20 °C
  3. 30 °C
  4. 40 °C


Conduction in Physics Quiz

MCQ. Process in which thermal energy is transferred without any flow of medium is termed as

  1. conduction
  2. convection
  3. radiation
  4. conduction and radiation both