Energy and Units Quiz Questions and Answers 177 PDF Book Download

Energy and units quiz, energy and units MCQs answers, IGCSE physics quiz 177 to learn physics courses online. Energy, work and power quiz questions and answers, energy and units multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice physics test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn energy and units MCQs, introduction to waves, thermal properties, states of matter, energy and units test prep for physics certifications.

Learn energy and units test with multiple choice question (MCQs): making a body or machine to move to achieve a purpose is known as, with choices power, work, energy, and efficiency for undergraduate degree. Learn energy, work and power questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test. Energy and Units Video

Quiz on Energy and UnitsQuiz Book Download Worksheet 177

Energy and Units Quiz

MCQ: Making a body or machine to move to achieve a purpose is known as

  1. Power
  2. Work
  3. Energy
  4. Efficiency


States of Matter Quiz

MCQ: Random motion of smoke or gas particles in air is termed as

  1. Bruneian motion
  2. Brownian motion
  3. rotary motion
  4. reciprocating motion


Thermal Properties Quiz

MCQ: C is symbol for

  1. Heat capacity
  2. Specific Heat Capacity
  3. Latent Heat
  4. Specific Latent Heat


Introduction to Waves Quiz

MCQ: One oscillation is also known as

  1. One vibration
  2. One ventilation
  3. One semi-circulation
  4. Nothing


Scales of Temperature Quiz

MCQ: In a mercury thermometer, it is assumed that length of liquid 'l' and temperature 'θ' are

  1. directly proportional to each other
  2. inversely proportional to each other
  3. weakly dependent on each other
  4. independent of each other