Introduction to Pressure Quiz Questions and Answers 162 PDF Download

Learn introduction to pressure quiz online, Cambridge IGCSE physics test 162 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free introduction to pressure MCQs questions and answers to learn physics quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on introduction to pressure test with answers, properties of wave motion, heat capacity: water and air, o level online exam test, conduction in physics, introduction to pressure practice test for online physics 2 courses distance learning.

Free online introduction to pressure course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: one lady is wearing high heels and other one is wearing flat shoes. shoes going to get stuck in mud are with choices the high heels, the flat shoes, both of them and none of them for online preparation of competency based interview with trivia questions and answers, study pressure in physics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Introduction to Pressure Video

Quiz on Introduction to Pressure Quiz PDF Download Worksheet 162

Introduction to Pressure Quiz

MCQ: One lady is wearing high heels and other one is wearing flat shoes. Shoes going to get stuck in mud are

  1. The high heels
  2. The flat shoes
  3. Both of them
  4. None of them


Conduction in Physics Quiz

MCQ: Transfer of heat energy is because of

  1. good conductivity of a metal
  2. bad conductivity of a metal
  3. atomic or molecular vibration
  4. neutronic activation


O Level Online Exam Test Quiz

MCQ: In an aquarium, air bubble at bottom has a volume = 0.5 mm³. What would be size of bubble at top if height of water level is = 1 m. (density of water = 1000 kg ⁄ m³, atmospheric pressure = 1 × 105 Pa, gravitational acceleration = 10 m s-1²)

  1. 0.5 mm³
  2. 0.55 mm³
  3. 0.6 mm³
  4. 0.65 mm³


Heat Capacity: Water and Air Quiz

MCQ: In a science lab, a student uses 150g of water and heats it from 10 °C to 30 °C with energy of 10000 J, heat capacity of water is

  1. 250 J K-1
  2. −250 J K-1
  3. 500 J K-1
  4. −500 J K-1


Properties of Wave Motion Quiz

MCQ: Speed of a microwave of wavelength 5 × 10-3 m in a vacuum is 5 × 108 m s-1, its frequency is equal to

  1. 1.5 × 105 m s-1
  2. 6 × 109 m s-1
  3. 1.5 × 106 m s-1
  4. 6 × 1010 m s-1