Latent Heat Quiz Questions and Answers 109 PDF Book Download

Latent heat quiz, latent heat MCQs answers, IGCSE physics quiz 109 to learn online physics courses. Thermal properties of matter quiz questions and answers, latent heat multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice physics test with answers for college and university courses. Learn latent heat MCQs, distance, time and speed, energy and units, work and energy, latent heat test prep for physics certifications.

Learn latent heat test with multiple choice question (MCQs): evaporation is, with choices slower than boiling, quicker than boiling, same as boiling, and totally different thing for online college degrees. Learn thermal properties of matter questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test. Latent Heat Video

Quiz on Latent HeatQuiz Book Download Worksheet 109

Latent Heat Quiz

MCQ: Evaporation is

  1. slower than boiling
  2. quicker than boiling
  3. same as boiling
  4. totally different thing


Work and Energy Quiz

MCQ: A concrete pole of mass 50 kg was lifted up at a height of 12 m, taking gravitational pull of earth, Ep of pole is

  1. 2.4 J
  2. 6000 J
  3. 60 J
  4. 5 J


Energy and Units Quiz

MCQ: Moving wind and waves, flying bird and spinning bowling ball use

  1. Potential Energy
  2. Mechanical Energy
  3. Kinetic Energy
  4. Thermal Energy


Distance, Time and Speed Quiz

MCQ: Unchanged or constant speed is termed as

  1. instantaneous speed
  2. average speed
  3. uniform speed
  4. variable speed


Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Quiz

MCQ: Change of distance in a specified direction per unit time is termed as

  1. Acceleration
  2. Velocity
  3. Speed
  4. Directional Speed