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IGCSE physics practice test MCQ: as we have learnt that moment of force is f × d, so formula for weight in relevance to moment of force will be with options mg × d, mg/d, mg + d and mg - d with online eLearning for international exams' preparation like ACT exam preparation. Free study guide is for online learning principle of moment quiz test with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Principle of Moment Video

MCQs on Principle of Moment Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: As we have learnt that Moment of force is F × d, so formula for weight in relevance to moment of force will be

  1. mg × d
  2. mg/d
  3. mg + d
  4. mg - d


MCQ: Correct condition for state of equilibrium in principle of moment is

  1. distance between the two objects in beam balance should be same
  2. resultant force should be zero
  3. the weight of both objects on the beam balance should be same
  4. the tension should be equal on both sides


MCQ: Force applied by a lady is 2 N and moment of force is 16 Nm, distance of pivot from effort would be

  1. 32 N
  2. 8 N
  3. 14 N
  4. 18 N


MCQ: Moment of force applied on a door is 15 N m and force applied is 3.75 N, distance of handle from pivot is

  1. 11.25 m
  2. 18.75 m
  3. 4 m
  4. 45 m


MCQ: Door hinge is about 1.5 m away from handle, and a boy applies a force of 4 N. moment of force will be

  1. 5.5 N m
  2. 2.66 N m
  3. 6 N m
  4. 2.5 N m