Transfer of Thermal Energy Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

Transfer of thermal energy multiple choice questions (MCQs), transfer of thermal energy quiz answers, O level physics test prep 1 to learn online physics courses for online classes. Radiation MCQs, transfer of thermal energy quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice radiation, conduction: o level physics career test for physics certifications.

Learn transfer of thermal energy quizzes with multiple choice questions: which of following does not belong to list of factors that affect rate of transfer of energy by radiation, with choices temperature of the surface, color and texture of the surface, movement of air above the surface, and surface area for online college degrees. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning radiation quiz questions for physics major, competitive exams. Radiation Video

MCQs on Transfer of Thermal Energy Test 1 PDF Book Download

MCQ: Which of following does not belong to list of factors that affect rate of transfer of energy by radiation?

  1. Color and texture of the surface
  2. Temperature of the surface
  3. Movement of air above the surface
  4. Surface area


MCQ: With respect to heat transfer through conduction, which of following inequalities place solids', 'liquids' and 'gases' in right order?

  1. Solids < liquids < gases
  2. Solids < gases < liquids
  3. Solids > gases > liquids
  4. Solids > liquids > gases


MCQ: Rate of transfer of energy by radiation can be increased by

  1. increasing the surface temperature
  2. decreasing the surface area
  3. using shiny white surfaces instead of dull and black surfaces
  4. decreasing the atmospheric pressure


MCQ: Process of heat transfer that involves continual emission of infrared waves from surface of bodies and transmission of these waves without aid of medium is known as

  1. Conduction
  2. Convection
  3. Radiation
  4. None of the above


MCQ: Vacuum in a vacuum flask prevents heat transfer through process of

  1. Conduction only
  2. Convection only
  3. Conduction and Convection
  4. Radiation only