Relationships of Organisms MCQs Quiz Online

Relationships of organisms MCQs, relationships of organisms quiz answers to learn online college environmental science courses. Learn biosphere multiple choice questions (MCQs), relationships of organisms quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on biomes and distribution, damage to ozone layer, pollution in urban areas, means of rainforest destruction, soils formation, composition and uses, relationships of organisms test prep for environmental certifications.

Practice biosphere test MCQs: microorganism collectively known as, with choices microorganism, planktons, zooplanktons, and phytoplankton's for online environmental science degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning relationships of organisms quiz questions for competitive assessment in college majors.

MCQ on Relationships of Organisms

MCQ: Microorganism collectively known as

  1. Microorganism
  2. Planktons
  3. Zooplanktons
  4. Phytoplankton's


MCQ: A food chain combine together to form a

  1. Food Chain
  2. Food Web
  3. Chains
  4. Single Chain


MCQ: Crustaceans eat

  1. Mulluscs
  2. Crustaceans
  3. Small Fishes
  4. Large Fishes


MCQ: Which animals eat phytoplankton's?

  1. Crustaceans
  2. Mulluscs
  3. Crabs
  4. Insects


MCQ: Single celled algae are

  1. Phytoplankton
  2. Zooplankton
  3. Microorganism
  4. Herbivores