Flooding and Drought Quiz Questions and Answers 45 PDF Book Download

Flooding and drought quiz, flooding and drought MCQs answers, IGCSE environmental management quiz 45 to learn environmental science courses online. Hydrosphere quiz questions and answers, flooding and drought multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers to practice environmental management test with answers for college and university courses. Learn flooding and drought MCQs, human use of ocean resources, climatic hazards, causes and occurrence, fresh water and water supply, flooding and drought test prep for environmental certifications.

Learn flooding and drought test with multiple choice question (MCQs): in tibet and nepal, large areas of forest has been cleared, which is source of which two rivers, with choices ganges, brahmaputra, ganges & brahmaputra, and both a and b for online bachelor degree. Learn hydrosphere questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Flooding and Drought Worksheet 45

Flooding and Drought Quiz

MCQ: In Tibet and Nepal, large areas of forest has been cleared, which is source of which two rivers?

  1. Ganges
  2. Brahmaputra
  3. Ganges & Brahmaputra
  4. Both A and B


Fresh Water and Water Supply Quiz

MCQ: Which continent has highest use of demostic water?

  1. Australasia
  2. Asia
  3. Africa
  4. South America


Climatic Hazards, Causes and Occurrence Quiz

MCQ: Hurricane is formed in the

  1. Indian Ocean
  2. Caribbean
  3. South China Sea
  4. Pacific Ocean


Human Use of Ocean Resources Quiz

MCQ: There have been 200 years of resource exploitation in

  1. Southern Ocean
  2. Northern regions
  3. Antarctica
  4. Arctic


Atmosphere: Structure Composition and Energy Source Quiz

MCQ: Atmosphere contains how much percentages of Nitrogen?

  1. 76%
  2. 67%
  3. 78.09%
  4. 55%