Farming and Types MCQs Quiz Online

Learn farming and types MCQs, IGCSE environmental management online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice atmosphere and environment multiple choice questions (MCQs), farming and types quiz questions and answers. SAT test prep on agricultural techniques to increase yield, producers, consumers food chain and webs, wind energy, farming and types tutorials for online environmental movement courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters degree MCQs: which animals are adapted to deserts conditions, for online environmental management degree programs with choices goats, buffaloes, camels, cows problem-solving skills for summative and formative assessment, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free skills assessment test is for online learn farming and types quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Farming and Types

MCQ: Which animals are adapted to deserts conditions?

  1. Goats
  2. Buffaloes
  3. Camels
  4. Cows


MCQ: Extensive farming takes place in

  1. Large Areas of good quality lands
  2. Small Areas of Poor quality lands
  3. Small areas of good quality
  4. Large Areas of good quality lands


MCQ: What are types of farming in normadic grazing?

  1. Pastoral/Subsistence/Extensive
  2. Arable/Pastoral/Extensive
  3. Arable/Subsistence/Extensive
  4. Arable/Subsistence/Intensive


MCQ: Cattles and goats survive in which areas

  1. Precipitation low
  2. Rainfall is too low
  3. Rain fall is high
  4. Precipitation is high


MCQ: What is types of farming in tropics under Cattle Ranching?

  1. Arable/Pastoral/Extensive
  2. Pastoral/Subsistence/Extensive
  3. Pastoral/Commercial/Extensive
  4. Commercial/Subsistence/Extensive