Biodiversity MCQs Quiz Online

Biodiversity multiple choice questions (MCQs), biodiversity quiz answers to learn environmental science courses online. Biosphere MCQs, biodiversity quiz questions and answers for undergraduate degree. Learn biomes and distribution, damage to ozone layer, pollution in urban areas, means of rainforest destruction, soils formation, composition and uses, biodiversity test prep for environmental certifications.

Learn biosphere test MCQs: how tundra is distinguished from other biomes, with choices snow, location, absences of trees, and all of them for undergraduate degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning biodiversity quiz questions for competitive assessment in college majors.

MCQ on Biodiversity

MCQ: How tundra is distinguished from other biomes?

  1. Snow
  2. Location
  3. Absences of trees
  4. All of them


MCQ: Which biome winters is desprately cold -30C or lower?

  1. Tundra
  2. Deserts
  3. Equatorial
  4. Mosoon


MCQ: What are characteristics of tundra?

  1. High biological diversity
  2. High species & high net productivity
  3. High bilogical diversity & low productivity
  4. Species poor, low biological diversity &low net primary productivity


MCQ: Which biome average summer temperattures is below 10 C?

  1. Deserts
  2. Equatorial
  3. Mosoon
  4. Tundra


MCQ: Why trees do not grow in tundra?

  1. No fertility
  2. Short summer, two cold winters & strone wind
  3. No Water resources
  4. Desert