Basic Acidic Neutral and Amphoteric MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Basic acidic neutral and amphoteric multiple choice questions (MCQs), basic acidic neutral and amphoteric quiz answers to learn O level chemistry courses for online degrees. Acids and bases MCQs with answers, basic acidic neutral and amphoteric quiz questions and answers for online bachelor degree. Learn ph scale: acid and alkali, acidity needs water, neutralization, organic acid, basic acidic neutral and amphoteric test prep for chemistry certifications.

Learn acids and bases test MCQs: k2o + h2o →, with choices k(oh)3, koh, koh.h2o, and ko + h2 + o2 for online bachelor degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning basic acidic neutral and amphoteric quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Basic Acidic Neutral and AmphotericQuiz Book Download

MCQ: K2O + H2O →

  1. K(OH)3
  2. KOH
  3. KOH.H2O
  4. KO + H2 + O2


MCQ: Non-metal oxides showing no reaction with acids or alkalis are called as

  1. Amphoteric acids
  2. neutral oxides
  3. acidic oxides
  4. basic oxides


MCQ: What are products of given reaction? CO2 + H2O →

  1. CO
  2. H3O
  3. H2CO3
  4. CO2 + OH-


MCQ: Acidic oxides neutralize

  1. bases
  2. alkalis
  3. salt solutions
  4. Both A and B


MCQ: CaCO3 + HCl →

  1. Ca(OH)2 + H2O
  2. CaCl2 +H2O
  3. CaCl2 + H2 + C(s)
  4. CaCl2 + H2O + CO2