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Symbols for elements multiple choice questions (MCQs), symbols for elements quiz answers to learn O level chemistry courses for online degrees. Elements, compounds and mixtures MCQs with answers, symbols for elements quiz questions and answers for online college degrees. Learn atoms and elements, mixtures and compounds, symbols for elements test prep for chemistry certifications.

Learn elements, compounds and mixtures test MCQs: symbol of silver is, with choices si, se, sn, and ag for online college degrees. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning symbols for elements quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Symbols for ElementsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Symbol of silver is

  1. Si
  2. Se
  3. Sn
  4. Ag


MCQ: Pb is symbol of

  1. Lead
  2. Phosphorous
  3. Platinum
  4. Palladium


MCQ: Ni is symbol of

  1. Neon
  2. Nitrogen
  3. Nickel
  4. Tin


MCQ: Symbol of gold is

  1. Go
  2. Gu
  3. Au
  4. Ag


MCQ: S is symbol of

  1. silver
  2. sodium
  3. Sulphur
  4. Selenium