Kinetic Theory Quiz Questions and Answers 91 PDF Download

Kinetic theory quiz questions, learn IGCSE chemistry online test prep 91 for distance learning, online degrees courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on particles of matter quiz, kinetic theory multiple choice questions and answers to learn chemistry quiz with answers. Practice kinetic theory MCQs, SAT test prep on ionic compounds: crystal lattices, salts: hydrogen of acids, valency and chemical formula, mass, volume, time and temperature, kinetic theory practice test for online basic chemistry courses distance learning.

Study kinetic theory online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs), as compared to solids, liquids have, for bachelor degree and masters in chemistry degree questions with choices less distance between particles, greater distance between particles, there is a strong attraction between particles, are highly compressible for online viva voce questions and answers and college board exams for current students. Learn particles of matter questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Kinetic Theory Worksheet 91Quiz PDF Download

Kinetic Theory Quiz

MCQ: As compared to solids, liquids have

  1. less distance between particles
  2. greater distance between particles
  3. there is a strong attraction between particles
  4. are highly compressible


Mass, Volume, Time and Temperature Quiz

MCQ: To record temperature of a liquid over time, devices used are called as

  1. data loggers
  2. scanners
  3. bar code readers
  4. probes


Valency and Chemical Formula Quiz

MCQ: Charge on Sulphur can be

  1. 2 or 4
  2. 4 or 6
  3. 3 or 5
  4. 2 or 3


Salts: Hydrogen of Acids Quiz

MCQ: Chemical formula of Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate is

  1. Na2HPO4
  2. Na2H3PO3
  3. Na2HPO4
  4. Na2H3PO4


Ionic Compounds: Crystal Lattices Quiz

MCQ: Melting and boiling points are examples of

  1. rigidity
  2. volatility
  3. solubility
  4. conductivity