Structure of Atom Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn structure of atom multiple choice questions, O level chemistry online test 1 for e-learning, free online courses test. Practice periodic table: o level chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs), structure of atom quiz questions and answers. Learn periodic table o level chemistry, protons, neutrons and electrons, atomic mass, proton and nucleon number, valence electrons SAT prep for online chemistry textbook courses distance learning.

Study structure of atom quiz with multiple choice question (MCQs): if proton (p+) number of an element changes,, for bachelor degree and masters in chemistry degree courses with choices it will become another element, it will become an isotope, it will become an electrolyte, it will sublimate immediately with online teacher help resources with study tests for teaching jobs and teaching strategies. Practice skills assessment test to learn online periodic table: o level chemistry quiz questions with Cambridge chemistry MCQs for chemistry certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Structure of Atom Test 1Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: If proton (p+) number of an element changes,

  1. it will become an isotope
  2. it will become another element
  3. it will become an electrolyte
  4. it will sublimate immediately


MCQ: In periodic table, period number indicates number of

  1. neutrons
  2. protons
  3. electrons
  4. photons


MCQ: Chlorine's (Cl) relative atomic mass is 35.5. this half number is due to

  1. isotopes
  2. a half proton
  3. a half neutron
  4. a half electron


MCQ: Purpose of a mass spectrometer is to

  1. determine the charge of a particle
  2. determine the particles
  3. determine the mass of an atom
  4. provide data for data loggers


MCQ: Number of electrons (e-) in phosphorus (P) is 15. valence electrons shall be

  1. 2
  2. 8
  3. 5
  4. 4