Electricity and Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions 2 PDF Download

Learn electricity and chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs), O level chemistry test 2 for online course prep exams. Practice electrolyte and non electrolyte MCQs questions and answers on electrolyte and non electrolyte, electrical devices and circuit symbols test for online chemistry degree courses distance learning.

Free electricity and chemistry quiz online, study guide has multiple choice question: difficulty of discharge is highest in with choices copper ions, calcium ions, lead ions and silver ions for online global learning to qualify for scholarships for international students with knowledge tests. Study to learn electrolyte and non electrolyte quiz questions with online learning MCQs for competitive exam preparation test.

MCQ on Electricity and Chemistry Test 2 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Difficulty of discharge is highest in

  1. calcium ions
  2. copper ions
  3. lead ions
  4. silver ions


MCQ. Difficulty of discharge is lowest in

  1. potassium ions
  2. sodium ions
  3. copper ions
  4. silver ions


MCQ. In electrolysis of concentrated HCl, at cathode

  1. oxygen gas is given off
  2. hydrogen gas is given off
  3. chlorine gas is given off at anode
  4. hydrogen chloride is given off


MCQ. In electrolysis of brine, ions moving to anode include

  1. sodium + hydrogen ions
  2. hydroxide + Chloride ions
  3. sodium + hydroxide ions
  4. chloride ions + hydrogen gas


MCQ. A suitable constant flow of electricity can be ensured through

  1. an ammeter
  2. a rheostat
  3. a voltmeter
  4. a galvanometer