Electricity and Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Electricity and chemistry multiple choice questions (MCQs), electricity and chemistry quiz answers, O level chemistry test prep 1 to learn O level chemistry, online college degrees courses. Electrical devices and circuit symbols MCQs with answers, electricity and chemistry quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice electrical devices and circuit symbols, chemistry reactions, conductors and non conductors, electrolyte and non electrolyte career test for chemistry certifications.

Learn electricity and chemistry test with multiple choice question: electricity is measured through a device called as, with choices voltmeters, ammeters, barometers, and anemometers for online bachelor degree. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning electrical devices and circuit symbols quiz questions for chemistry major, competitive assessment tests.

MCQ on Electricity & Chemistry Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Electricity is measured through a device called as

  1. Ammeters
  2. Voltmeters
  3. Barometers
  4. Anemometers


MCQ: Any reaction at an anode involves

  1. gain of electrons
  2. loss of electrons
  3. gain or loss depends upon the electrolyte
  4. formation of gases


MCQ: Aluminum (Al) is preferred in overhead power cables because

  1. it is a good conductor
  2. it acts as an insulator, in case of lightening
  3. it prevents accidents
  4. it is lighter in weight


MCQ: Reactivity series of metals is also called as the

  1. preferential series
  2. electrochemical series
  3. electrolytic series
  4. selective discharge series


MCQ: If molten Lead Bromide (PbBr2) is electrolyzed,

  1. at anode, brown fumes of bromide gas are given off
  2. at anode, molten lead can be seen
  3. at cathode, brown fumes can be seen
  4. at cathode, lead bromide can be seen