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Chemical formulas multiple choice questions (MCQs), chemical formulas quiz answers to learn O level chemistry, online college degrees courses. Chemical formulae and equations MCQs with answers, chemical formulas quiz questions and answers for undergraduate degree. Learn valency table, chemical and ionic equations, chemical symbols, chemical formulas test prep for chemistry certifications.

Learn chemical formulae and equations test MCQs: chemical formula of silver bromide is, with choices ag2br3, agbr, agbro, and agbr3.h2o for undergraduate degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning chemical formulas quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Chemical formulasQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Chemical formula of silver bromide is

  1. Ag2Br3
  2. AgBr
  3. AgBrO
  4. AgBr3.H2O


MCQ: Chemical formula of Caustic soda is

  1. NaOH
  2. KOH
  3. MgO
  4. Ca(OH)2


MCQ: Chemical formula of monohydrate monosodium phosphate is

  1. H2ONaPO2
  2. PO2NaH2O
  3. NaH2PO4.H2O
  4. NaH3PO2.H2O


MCQ: Chemical formula of calcium nitrate is

  1. CNOH
  2. Ca(NO3)2
  3. CaNO3
  4. CaNO3


MCQ: Chemical formula of rouge pigment is

  1. Fe2O3
  2. Fe3O4
  3. FeSO4
  4. FeNO3