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Learn chemical formulas MCQs, O level chemistry test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test multiple choice questions (MCQ). Chemical formulas quiz questions and answers has practice test, chemical formulae and equations quiz online, relative molecular mass, chemical symbols, valency table, chemical formulas tutorials for online introduction to chemistry courses distance learning.

IGCSE chemistry practice test MCQ: chemical formula of silver bromide is with options ag2br3, agbr, agbro and agbr3.h2o for e-learning, online colleges' competitive exams to get financial aids in colleges and high schools. Free study guide is for online learning chemical formulas quiz test with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Chemical formulas Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Chemical formula of silver bromide is

  1. Ag2Br3
  2. AgBr
  3. AgBrO
  4. AgBr3.H2O


MCQ: Chemical formula of Caustic soda is

  1. NaOH
  2. KOH
  3. MgO
  4. Ca(OH)2


MCQ: Chemical formula of monohydrate monosodium phosphate is

  1. H2ONaPO2
  2. PO2NaH2O
  3. NaH2PO4.H2O
  4. NaH3PO2.H2O


MCQ: Chemical formula of calcium nitrate is

  1. CNOH
  2. Ca(NO3)2
  3. CaNO3
  4. CaNO3


MCQ: Chemical formula of rouge pigment is

  1. Fe2O3
  2. Fe3O4
  3. FeSO4
  4. FeNO3