Structure of Lamina MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Structure of lamina multiple choice questions (MCQs), structure of lamina test prep for online learning with IGCSE degree certificate eCourses. Learn nutrition in plants multiple choice questions (MCQs), structure of lamina quiz questions and answers. Career test on conditions essential for photosynthesis, photolysis, stomata and functions, photosynthesis in plants test for online human anatomy courses distance learning.

Learn nutrition in plants practice test MCQs: upper epidermis is largely composed of, for free online courses with options palisade tissue, mesophyll tissue, cuticle, spongy tissues for an associate degree, graduate degree and masters degree students for online eLearning preparation. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning structure of lamina quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major.

MCQ on Structure of LaminaQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Function of palisade layer is to

  1. protect the leaf surface
  2. drive away the insects by producing strong odors
  3. enable absorption of light through chloroplasts
  4. become active in light-independent stage of photosynthesis


MCQ: Upper epidermis is largely composed of

  1. palisade tissue
  2. mesophyll tissue
  3. cuticle
  4. spongy tissues


MCQ: Thin, expanded lamin helps in absorption of

  1. oxygen
  2. hydrogen
  3. fresh nutrients
  4. carbon dioxide


MCQ: Epidermal cells perform function of

  1. producing sugars
  2. protecting the inner regions of leaf
  3. regulating the amount of water lost
  4. chloroplast storage


MCQ: Cells with their ling axes at right angle to cuticle are found in

  1. upper epidermis
  2. palisade tissues
  3. spongy tissues
  4. lower epidermis