Structure of Cell Protoplasm MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn structure of cell protoplasm MCQs, O level biology test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. What is biology MCQs, structure of cell protoplasm multiple choice questions and answers, excretion in biology, introduction to biology, biology basics, sensitivity in biology, structure of cell: protoplasm tutorials for online molecular cell biology courses distance learning.

IGCSE biology practice test MCQ: chloroplast along with water, sunlight and co2 develop with options nutrients, organic food, sugar and cell sap with chapters' questions, research titles and topic wise online trivia quizzes for exam prep. Free study guide is for online learning structure of cell protoplasm quiz questions with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Structure of Cell Protoplasm Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Chloroplast along with water, sunlight and CO2 develop

  1. nutrients
  2. organic food
  3. sugar
  4. cell sap


MCQ: Sol-state of protoplasm is

  1. semi-solid state
  2. liquid state
  3. solid
  4. gaseous liquid


MCQ: No one has been able to develop a mixture that can be called as

  1. Cytoplasm
  2. Protoplasm
  3. Plastoplasm
  4. Chloroplast


MCQ: Activities ensuring life of a cell, are carried out in

  1. Cytoplasm
  2. Protoplasm
  3. Vacuoles
  4. Mitochondrion