Stomach and Pancreas MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Stomach and pancreas multiple choice questions (MCQs), stomach and pancreas quiz answers to learn O level biology, online college degrees courses. Nutrition in mammals MCQs with answers, stomach and pancreas quiz questions and answers for online bachelor degree. Learn mammalian digestive system, functions of liver, oesophagus, liver in biology, mouth and buccal cavity, stomach and pancreas test prep for biology certifications.

Learn nutrition in mammals test MCQs: pancreatic duct attaches pancreas to, with choices liver, duodenum, small intestine, and spleen for online bachelor degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning stomach and pancreas quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major.

MCQ on Stomach and PancreasQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Pancreatic duct attaches pancreas to

  1. liver
  2. duodenum
  3. small intestine
  4. spleen


MCQ: Functions of pancreas does not include

  1. secretion of insulin
  2. utilization of carbohydrates
  3. deamination of amino acids
  4. production of enzymes