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School level biology multiple choice questions, learn online IGCSE biology test prep for certificate programs online courses. Learn respiration in biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), school level biology quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on school level biology, human respiration, what is respiration, aerobic respiration and its waste aptitude test for online what is meant by biology courses distance learning.

Practice respiration in biology aptitude test MCQs: water-soluble vitamins are, for free online certificate courses with options stored in body, excreted by body, released by the body muscles, released by bone-marrow with interesting topics from previous question papers, exam papers and online tutorial questions. Free skills assessment test is for online learning school level biology quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on School Level BiologyQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Air inhaled in addition to tidal air is called

  1. complemental air
  2. residual air
  3. supplemental air
  4. saturated air


MCQ: Water-soluble vitamins are

  1. stored in body
  2. excreted by body
  3. released by the body muscles
  4. released by bone-marrow


MCQ: Vitamins

  1. do not provide energy
  2. are inorganic in nature
  3. can not be hydrolyzed
  4. need special enzymes to be digested


MCQ: Chyme is

  1. small, slippery masses of food
  2. partly digested liquified food
  3. fats mixed with lymphs to form a milky fluid
  4. undigested carbohydrates


MCQ: Leaf base is also referred to as

  1. lamina
  2. leaf blade
  3. petiole
  4. none of above