Dormancy & Seed Germination Quiz Questions and Answers 95 PDF Download

Learn dormancy & seed germination quiz, online Cambridge IGCSE biology test 95 for distance learning, online courses. Free biology MCQs questions and answers to learn dormancy & seed germination MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on dormancy and seed germination with answers, caecum & chyle, heat loss prevention, spinal cord and nerves, epigeal and hypogeal germination, dormancy and seed germination test for online biology lab courses distance learning.

Free dormancy & seed germination online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: several of 10,000 years old seeds germinated with choices within 48 hours, within two weeks, within few hours and within 1 hour for online knowledge tests, online eLearning, undergraduate and masters degree competitive exams, study reproduction in plants multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Dormancy & Seed Germination Worksheet 95 Quiz PDF Download

Dormancy and Seed Germination Quiz

MCQ. Several of 10,000 years old seeds germinated

  1. within 48 hours
  2. within two weeks
  3. within few hours
  4. within 1 hour


Epigeal and Hypogeal Germination Quiz

MCQ. Cotyledons are carried above ground in

  1. Epigeal Germination
  2. Hypogeal Germination
  3. Epi-hypogeal Germination
  4. Hypo-Epigeal Germination


Spinal Cord and Nerves Quiz

MCQ. Ventral root of spinal cord

  1. contains only receptor neurons
  2. contains only effector neurons
  3. ends in white matter
  4. are attached to the medulla oblongata


Heat Loss Prevention Quiz

MCQ. Prevention of heat loss is more efficient in

  1. women
  2. men
  3. children
  4. people doing very heavy work


Caecum & Chyle Quiz

MCQ. Appendix and caecum are characteristic features of

  1. omnivores
  2. herbivores
  3. carnivores
  4. all of these