Production of antibodies Quiz Questions and Answers 44 PDF Download

Learn production of antibodies quiz, online Cambridge IGCSE biology test 44 for distance learning, online courses. Free biology MCQs questions and answers to learn production of antibodies MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on production of antibodies with answers, structure of mammalian skin, pesticides: o level biology, biological science, hormones: endocrine glands, production of antibodies test for online general biology courses distance learning.

Free production of antibodies online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: immunization refers to with choices engulfing toxins by phagocytes, producing more phagocytes, maintain a level of antibodies to confer immunity and a severe medical condition for online eLearning for free hiring tests, pre-employment exams and job assessment test with answer key, study transport in mammals multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Production of antibodies Worksheet 44 Quiz PDF Download

Production of antibodies Quiz

MCQ. Immunization refers to

  1. engulfing toxins by phagocytes
  2. producing more phagocytes
  3. maintain a level of antibodies to confer immunity
  4. a severe medical condition


Hormones: Endocrine Glands Quiz

MCQ. Hormones from pituitary gland includes

  1. testosterone
  2. oestrogen
  3. progesterone
  4. all of these


Biological Science Quiz

MCQ. Seldom fatal disease is known as

  1. malignant
  2. benign
  3. tertian malaria
  4. anemia


Pesticides: O Level Biology Quiz

MCQ. If a substance accumulates in a body for a long time, it will be

  1. passed out through egestion
  2. passed out through excretion
  3. become insoluble in water
  4. passed on to next consumer in food chain


Structure of Mammalian Skin Quiz

MCQ. Internal environment of an animal refers to the

  1. tissue fluids
  2. blood
  3. body fluids
  4. all of these