Main Veins of Body Quiz Questions and Answers 366 PDF Download

Main veins of body quiz questions and answers, main veins of body online learning, IGCSE biology test prep 366 for distance education eCourses. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on transport in mammals quiz, main veins of body multiple choice questions to practice biology quiz with answers. Learn main veins of body MCQs, career aptitude test on holozoic nutrition, fertilization and post fertilization changes, hormones: endocrine glands, genetic engineering and biotechnology, main veins of body practice test for online basic biology courses distance learning.

Practice main veins of body career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): between liver and gut wall, capillaries join to form, for online certificate courses with options hepatic vein, hepatic portal vein, iliac veins, renal veins with online global exams' preparation for international tests like ACT practice test for good ACT scores. Learn transport in mammals questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Main Veins of Body Worksheet 366Quiz PDF Download

Main Veins of Body Quiz

MCQ: Between liver and gut wall, capillaries join to form

  1. hepatic vein
  2. hepatic portal vein
  3. iliac veins
  4. renal veins


Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Quiz

MCQ: Technique which uses homologous recombination to delete, add or change a gene is known as

  1. gene bundling
  2. gene linking
  3. gene targeting
  4. gene replication


Hormones: Endocrine Glands Quiz

MCQ: Hormonal control involves

  1. electrical signals
  2. chemical substances
  3. mechanical signals
  4. photochemical energy


Fertilization and Post Fertilization Changes Quiz

MCQ: Growth of pollen tube is controlled by the

  1. vegetative nucleus
  2. generative nucleus
  3. tube nucleus
  4. pollen grain


Holozoic Nutrition Quiz

MCQ: Holozoic nutrition is a type of

  1. autotrophic nutrition
  2. photoautotrophic nutrition
  3. tropical nutrition
  4. heterotrophic nutrition