Vitamins & Minerals Quiz Questions and Answers 265 PDF Download

Learn vitamins & minerals quiz online, Cambridge IGCSE biology test 265 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free vitamins & minerals MCQs questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on vitamins and minerals test with answers, habitat specialization due to salinity, circulatory system, facts about smoking, structure of mammalian skin, vitamins and minerals practice test for online science courses distance learning.

Free online vitamins & minerals course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: water-soluble vitamins need to be supplied with choices daily , weekly , fortnightly and yearly for scholars competing for college and universities' scholarships with college board ACT practice test, study nutrition in general multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Vitamins & Minerals Worksheet 265 Quiz PDF Download

Vitamins and Minerals Quiz

MCQ: Water-soluble vitamins need to be supplied

  1. daily
  2. weekly
  3. fortnightly
  4. yearly


Structure of Mammalian Skin Quiz

MCQ: Homeostatic control mechanism begins with onset of

  1. trigger
  2. biosensors
  3. cillia
  4. stimuli


Facts about Smoking Quiz

MCQ: Cigarette smokers become addicted to

  1. caffeine
  2. nicotine
  3. paludrine
  4. all of the above


Circulatory system Quiz

MCQ: Blood flows through a closed system in

  1. echinoderms
  2. nematodes
  3. most birds
  4. vertebrates


Habitat specialization due to salinity Quiz

MCQ: Highly concentrated urine is produced by

  1. freshwater bony fish
  2. marine bony fish
  3. marine boneless fish
  4. all of the above