Pollution: Sewage as Cause Quiz Questions and Answers 228 PDF Download

Learn pollution sewage as cause quiz, online Cambridge IGCSE biology test 228 for distance learning, online courses. Free biology MCQs questions and answers to learn pollution: sewage as cause MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on pollution: sewage as cause with answers, wind pollination, human respiration, mammalian skin, pollution: carbon monoxide, pollution: sewage as cause test for online biological science courses distance learning.

Free pollution: sewage as cause online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: an excellent habitat for bacterial growth is with choices cfc based products, burning of garbage, untreated sewage and all of the above for online diploma courses, an associate degree courses and university courses online learning with smart tutor portal, study effects of human activity on ecosystem multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Pollution: Sewage as Cause Worksheet 228 Quiz PDF Download

Pollution: Sewage as Cause Quiz

MCQ. An excellent habitat for bacterial growth is

  1. CFC based products
  2. burning of garbage
  3. untreated sewage
  4. all of the above


Pollution: Carbon Monoxide Quiz

MCQ. If heat radiated from Earths surface is retained, outcome will be

  1. formation of smog
  2. green house effect
  3. van der Walls forces of attraction among smoke particles
  4. all of these


Mammalian Skin Quiz

MCQ. In mammals like cats and foxes, inner hair layer acts as

  1. guard cells
  2. insulator
  3. performs both guarding and insulating functions
  4. conductor


Human Respiration Quiz

MCQ. Trachea divides into two

  1. cilia
  2. bronchus
  3. bronchi
  4. pleura


Wind pollination Quiz

MCQ. In grass, function of filament is to

  1. hold pollens firmly
  2. stay inside the bract
  3. expose anther to wind
  4. hold grass firm in the soil