Molecular Biology Quiz Questions and Answers 219 PDF Download

Learn molecular biology quiz questions, IGCSE biology online test 219 for distance learning degrees, free online courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on transport of materials in flowering plants quiz, molecular biology multiple choice questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice molecular biology MCQs, SAT test assessment on physical environment: ecology, male reproductive system, examples of homeostasis in man, types of drugs, molecular biology practice test for online branches of biology courses distance learning.

Study molecular biology online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): potometer is used to measure, for bachelor degree and masters in biology degree questions with choices rate of root pressure, capillary action, transpiration pull, all of these for college students, undergraduate students and masters degree student for online e-learning. Learn transport of materials in flowering plants quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Molecular Biology Worksheet 219Quiz PDF Download

Molecular Biology Quiz

MCQ: Potometer is used to measure

  1. rate of root pressure
  2. capillary action
  3. transpiration pull
  4. all of these


Types of Drugs Quiz

MCQ: Few enlarged alveoli vs. many minute alveoli pose risk of

  1. production of mucus in air passages
  2. inefficient exchange of gases
  3. blood clotting
  4. dull and insensitive brain


Examples of Homeostasis in Man Quiz

MCQ: In cold weather

  1. less urine is excreted
  2. excess salts are secreted in urine
  3. sweat secretions are reduced
  4. excess sugars are secreted in urine


Male Reproductive System Quiz

MCQ: Male gametes are also known as

  1. testes
  2. testis
  3. sperms
  4. semens


Physical Environment: Ecology Quiz

MCQ: Fall in temperature may result in a

  1. animals accustomed to dark
  2. increase in metabolic activities to produce heat
  3. decrease in metabolic activities of animals
  4. all of these