Dormancy & Seed Germination Quiz Questions and Answers 215 PDF Download

Learn dormancy & seed germination quiz questions, IGCSE biology online test 215 for distance learning degrees, free online courses. Colleges and universities courses' MCQs on reproduction in plants quiz, dormancy & seed germination multiple choice questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice dormancy and seed germination MCQs, SAT test assessment on digestion: enzyme catalyzed process, asexual reproduction, vitamin deficiency, photolysis, dormancy and seed germination practice test for online biological engineering courses distance learning.

Study dormancy & seed germination online courses with multiple choice question (MCQs): as soon as seeds are shed, it is essential that before seed germination,, for bachelor degree and masters in biology degree questions with choices seeds must be soaked in water , seeds must be shed at proper place, seeds have undergone a dormant period, seeds are non-viable for online preparation of college courses for qualifying in jobs for college students. Learn reproduction in plants quizzes with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Dormancy & Seed Germination Worksheet 215Quiz PDF Download

Dormancy and Seed Germination Quiz

MCQ: As soon as seeds are shed, it is essential that before seed germination,

  1. seeds must be soaked in water
  2. seeds must be shed at proper place
  3. seeds have undergone a dormant period
  4. seeds are non-viable


Photolysis Quiz

MCQ: Photolysis of six water molecules results in

  1. 6 atoms of hydrogen
  2. 12 atoms of hydrogen
  3. 18 atoms of hydrogen
  4. 24 atoms of hydrogen


Vitamin Deficiency Quiz

MCQ: Diseases like rickets, scurvy and beriberi occur due to deficiency of

  1. amino acids
  2. carbohydrates
  3. lipids
  4. vitamins


Asexual reproduction Quiz

MCQ: If a cell with 20 chromosomes undergoes mitosis, each daughter cell has

  1. 10 chromosomes
  2. 20 chromosomes
  3. 30 chromosomes
  4. 46 chromosomes


Digestion: Enzyme Catalyzed Process Quiz

MCQ: Organic catalysts may also be called as

  1. Chemical Catalysts
  2. Biological catalysts
  3. Physical catalysts
  4. Situational Catalysts