Blood Pressure Testing Quiz Questions and Answers 209 PDF Book Download

Blood pressure testing quiz questions and answers, blood pressure testing MCQs with answers, O level biology test prep 209 to learn O level biology, online college courses. Transport in mammals quiz, blood pressure testing multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online college degree. Learn blood pressure testing MCQs, pollution: carbon monoxide, excretion and egestion, layers of epidermis, learning biology, blood pressure testing test prep for biology certifications.

Learn blood pressure testing MCQ with multiple choice questions: instrument to measure blood pressure is called as, with choices sphygamometer, sphygmomanometer, nanometer, and sphygmanometer for online bachelor degree. Learn transport in mammals questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test.

Quiz on Blood Pressure Testing Worksheet 209 PDF Book Download

Blood Pressure Testing MCQ

MCQ: Instrument to measure blood pressure is called as

  1. sphygamometer
  2. sphygmomanometer
  3. nanometer
  4. sphygmanometer


Learning Biology MCQ

MCQ: Due to salt concentrations, aquatic animals are confronted with

  1. feeding problems
  2. breathing problems
  3. excretory problems
  4. osmotic problems


Layers of Epidermis MCQ

MCQ: Dead and hardened cells of epidermis result in

  1. hair follicles
  2. hair papilla
  3. hair
  4. hair erector muscles


Excretion and Egestion MCQ

MCQ: Egestion is

  1. same as excretion
  2. same as defecation
  3. removal of metabolic wastes
  4. removal of toxic wastes


Pollution: Carbon Monoxide MCQ

MCQ: Exhaust motor vehicle is main source of

  1. Manganese
  2. carbon monoxide
  3. sulphur dioxide
  4. nitrogen oxide