Decomposition in Biology Quiz Questions and Answers 208 PDF Book Download

Decomposition in biology quiz questions and answers, decomposition in biology online learning, IGCSE biology test prep 208 for distance education eCourses. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on microorganisms and applications in biotechnology quiz, decomposition in biology multiple choice questions to practice biology quiz with answers. Learn decomposition in biology MCQs, career aptitude test on effects of ph on enzymes, mammalian skin, pollution: bod and eutrophication, types of drugs, decomposition in biology test for online biology notes courses distance learning.

Practice decomposition in biology career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): fungi paly a role as decomposers through enzyme, for online certificate courses with options protease, lactase, adh, insulin with online eLearning for online competitions like college board and MCAT exam guide. Learn online microorganisms and applications in biotechnology questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Decomposition in Biology Worksheet 208Quiz Book Download

Decomposition in Biology Quiz

MCQ: Fungi paly a role as decomposers through enzyme

  1. protease
  2. lactase
  3. ADH
  4. insulin


Types of Drugs Quiz

MCQ: Ability of red blood cells (RBCs) to carry oxygen (O2) is reduced due to

  1. salicylic acid in lungs
  2. carboxy acids
  3. carbon monoxide
  4. distortion in hemoglobin structure


Pollution: BOD and Eutrophication Quiz

MCQ: Higher BOD

  1. the lower the water pollution
  2. the lesser the bacteria in it
  3. the more the water pollution
  4. the more the air pollution


Mammalian Skin Quiz

MCQ: Cornified layer is thickest in

  1. scalp of head
  2. soles of feet
  3. palm of hands
  4. both B and C


Effects of pH on enzymes Quiz

MCQ: Nature of most intestinal enzymes is

  1. acidic
  2. alkaline
  3. water based
  4. mineral based