Internal Structure of Eye Quiz Questions and Answers 184 PDF Book Download

Internal structure of eye quiz, internal structure of eye MCQs answers, IGCSE biology quiz 184 to learn online college biology courses. College and university courses MCQs, co-ordination and response animal receptor organs quiz questions and answers, internal structure of eye multiple choice questions to practice biology test with answers. Learn internal structure of eye MCQs, career test on physical environment: water, pollution: smog as cause, introduction to biology, internal structure of eye test prep for biology certifications.

Practice internal structure of eye career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): function of eyelids includes, with choices dust particles are wiped off, tears are spread over eye, dust particles are cleared off, and all of these for online biology degree. Learn co-ordination and response animal receptor organs questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Internal Structure of Eye Worksheet 184Quiz Book Download

Internal Structure of Eye Quiz

MCQ: Function of eyelids includes

  1. dust particles are wiped off
  2. tears are spread over eye
  3. dust particles are cleared off
  4. all of these


Introduction to Biology Quiz

MCQ: Absence of cross-walls and protoplasm enable water to move through

  1. xylem
  2. phloem
  3. epithelial tissues
  4. mesophyll layer


Pollution: Smog as Cause Quiz

MCQ: No smog occurs if

  1. cool air is allowed to escape
  2. if pollutants like smoke and sulphur dioxide are prevented from escape
  3. if cool air and pollutants are prevented from escape
  4. all of these


Physical Environment: Water Quiz

MCQ: Avicennia is an example of

  1. hydrophytes
  2. xerophytes
  3. saprophytes
  4. spectophyte


Molecular Biology Quiz

MCQ: Ozone depletion can be prevented with

  1. use of scrubbers in factory chimneys
  2. acidic waste is treated with alkalis
  3. fossil fuels are used in factories
  4. lower consumption of CFC-based products