Conservation: Renewable Resources Quiz Questions and Answers 121 PDF Download

Conservation renewable resources quiz questions, learn online IGCSE biology test prep 121 for distance learning online courses. College and university courses MCQs on effects of human activity on ecosystem quiz, conservation renewable resources multiple choice questions and answers to practice biology quiz with answers. Learn conservation: renewable resources MCQs, career aptitude test on mouth and buccal cavity, deforestation, air and water pollution, central nervous system, ordinary level biology, conservation: renewable resources practice test for online biological psychology courses distance learning.

Practice conservation renewable resources career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): cinchona is used in making of, for online certificate courses with options quinine, morphine, pyrethrum, ddt with online most common interview questions with answer key for fresh and experienced graduates. Learn effects of human activity on ecosystem questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Conservation: Renewable Resources Worksheet 121Quiz PDF Download

Conservation: Renewable Resources Quiz

MCQ: Cinchona is used in making of

  1. quinine
  2. Morphine
  3. Pyrethrum
  4. DDT


Ordinary Level Biology Quiz

MCQ: Hydrophonics refers to

  1. growing plants without soil
  2. growing plants in air
  3. growing plants in soil
  4. all of these


Central Nervous System Quiz

MCQ: In order to provide nutrients to spinal cord,

  1. grey matter surrounds the cord
  2. white mater surrounds the cord
  3. cerebrospinal fluid runs through the cord
  4. H-shaped grey matter is helpful


Deforestation, Air and Water Pollution Quiz

MCQ: Consequences of deforestation includes

  1. burning of fossil fuels
  2. soil erosion
  3. flooding
  4. climate changes


Mouth and Buccal Cavity Quiz

MCQ: Gut is also called as

  1. tubular gut
  2. small intestine
  3. alimentary canal
  4. buccal cavity