Parts of Flower MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Parts of flower MCQs, learn IGCSE biology online test prep for certificate programs, online courses. Practice reproduction in plants multiple choice questions (MCQs), parts of flower quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on fertilization and post fertilization changes, natural vegetative propagation in flowering plants, structure of a wind pollinated flower, parts of flower, epigeal and hypogeal germination aptitude test for online biological chemistry courses distance learning.

Study reproduction in plants aptitude test MCQs: sessile flowers have, for free online certificate courses with choices no scent , irregular shape, no pedicles, no petals with online eLearning for online competitions like college board ACT exam portal. Free skills assessment test is for online learning parts of flower quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Parts of FlowerQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Sessile flowers have

  1. no scent
  2. irregular shape
  3. no pedicles
  4. no petals


MCQ: Corolla refers to the

  1. collection of sepals
  2. collection of petals
  3. collection of carpels
  4. collection of stamens


MCQ: Landing platform is provided to insects through

  1. calyx
  2. epicalyx
  3. pedicel
  4. petals


MCQ: Pollen grains are produced inside the

  1. stamen
  2. pistil
  3. anther
  4. pollen sacs


MCQ: In order to attract insects for pollination,

  1. petals are brightly colored
  2. petals are protected by calyx
  3. Epicalyx is essential
  4. petals have large surface area