Structure of Cell Mitochondrion MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn structure of cell mitochondrion MCQs, O level biology test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test multiple choice questions (MCQ). Structure of cell mitochondrion quiz questions and answers has practice test, what is biology quiz online, excretion in biology, introduction to biology, biology basics, sensitivity in biology, structure of cell: mitochondrion tutorials for online microbiology courses distance learning.

IGCSE biology practice test MCQ: small spherical or rod-shaped organelles are called as with choices chromatin, centrioles, cytoplasm and mitochondrion with online questions to ask in an interview for employment assessment of jobs' seekers. Free study guide is for online learning structure of cell mitochondrion quiz test with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Structure of Cell Mitochondrion Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Small spherical or rod-shaped organelles are called as

  1. Chromatin
  2. Centrioles
  3. Cytoplasm
  4. Mitochondrion


MCQ: Adenosine triphosphate temporarily store energy produced with help of

  1. Chloroplast
  2. Mitochondrion
  3. Cell sap
  4. Centrioles