Transport in Mammals Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 31 PDF Book Download

Transport in mammals MCQs, transport in mammals quiz answers, O level biology test 31 to learn online college biology courses. Heart: o level biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), transport in mammals quiz questions and answers for admission and scholarships exams. Practice heart: o level biology, blood pressure testing, blood platelets, main veins of body test prep, assessment test for biology certifications.

Practice transport in mammals career test with multiple choice question: most thick walls are of, with choices left ventricle, left atrium, right atrium, and right ventricle for online biochemistry degree. Prepare jobs' assessment test for online learning heart: o level biology quiz questions for biology major, competitive assessment tests.

MCQ on Transport in Mammals Test 31Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Most thick walls are of

  1. left atrium
  2. left ventricle
  3. right atrium
  4. right ventricle


MCQ: 120 to 140 mm of mercury is an adults normal

  1. systolic pressure
  2. diastolic pressure
  3. peristalsis pressure
  4. water pressure


MCQ: Red color in arteries is attributed to

  1. hemoglobin
  2. oxyhaemoglobin
  3. aplastic anemia
  4. carboxyhemoglobin


MCQ: Forelimbs receive oxygenated blood through

  1. dorsal aorta
  2. carotid artery
  3. subclavian artery
  4. iliac artery


MCQ: Between liver and gut wall, capillaries join to form

  1. hepatic vein
  2. hepatic portal vein
  3. iliac veins
  4. renal veins