Reproduction in Plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Reproduction in plants MCQs, reproduction in plants quiz answers to learn O level biology quiz 1 for biology online courses. Learn epigeal and hypogeal germination multiple choice questions (MCQs), reproduction in plants quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on epigeal and hypogeal germination, parts of flower, structure of a wind pollinated flower, natural vegetative propagation in flowering plants, fertilization and post fertilization changes test prep for online chemical biology courses distance learning.

Practice reproduction in plants career test with multiple choice question: examples of epigeal germination include, for biology degree programs with options sword bean seed, maize, broad bean seed, corn for scholars competing for college and universities' scholarships with college board ACT prep. Professional skills assessment test with online learning epigeal and hypogeal germination quiz questions for biology major, competitive assessment tests.

MCQ on Reproduction in Plants Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Examples of Epigeal germination include

  1. Maize
  2. Sword bean seed
  3. Broad bean seed
  4. Corn


MCQ: Sessile flowers have

  1. no scent
  2. irregular shape
  3. no pedicles
  4. no petals


MCQ: Stamens are not usually pendulous in plants pollinated by

  1. wind
  2. insects
  3. water
  4. rain


MCQ: Disadvantages of natural vegetative propagation includes

  1. lack of dispersal mechanisms
  2. no fertilization is involved
  3. the area is quickly colonized
  4. daughter plants can grow quickly


MCQ: Before fertilization, ovary has

  1. one nucleus
  2. two nuclei
  3. three nuclei
  4. more than four nuclei