Nutrition in Plants Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 7 PDF Download

Nutrition in plants multiple choice questions, learn O level biology online test prep 7 for certificate programs, online courses. Practice structure of lamina multiple choice questions (MCQs), nutrition in plants quiz questions and answers. Learn structure of lamina, photosynthesis: o level biology, leaf adaptations for photosynthesis, conditions essential for photosynthesis, mineral salts career test prep for online basic biology courses distance learning.

Study nutrition in plants career test with multiple choice questions, function of palisade layer is to, for online certificate courses with choices drive away the insects by producing strong odors, protect the leaf surface, enable absorption of light through chloroplasts, become active in light-independent stage of photosynthesis with chapters' questions, research titles and topic wise online trivia quizzes for exam prep. Practice skills assessment test for online learning structure of lamina quiz questions with Cambridge biology MCQs for biology certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Nutrition in Plants Test 7Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Function of palisade layer is to

  1. protect the leaf surface
  2. drive away the insects by producing strong odors
  3. enable absorption of light through chloroplasts
  4. become active in light-independent stage of photosynthesis


MCQ: In photosynthesis, carbon dioxide (CO2) must first be converted into

  1. glucose
  2. sugars
  3. peptones
  4. galactose


MCQ: Rapid diffusion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to inner cells is ensured through

  1. large flat surface
  2. leaf stalk
  3. thin lamina
  4. closely packed palisade cells


MCQ: First stable form of carbohydrates (CnH2mOm) formed in photosynthesis is

  1. complex sugars
  2. disaccharides
  3. cellulose
  4. glucose


MCQ: Water and dissolved salts are carried through

  1. veins
  2. midrib of leaf
  3. xylem
  4. phloem