Homeostasis in Biology Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 4 PDF Book Download

Homeostasis in biology MCQs, homeostasis in biology quiz answers, O level biology test prep 4 to learn O level biology courses for online degrees. Mammalian skin multiple choice questions (MCQs), homeostasis in biology quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice mammalian skin, structure of nephron, examples of homeostasis in man, structure of mammalian skin career test for biology certifications.

Learn homeostasis in biology test with multiple choice question: burrows help small mammals to, with choices prevent heat loss, enable heat loss, increase metabolic rate, and decrease metabolic rate for online college degrees. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning mammalian skin quiz questions for biology major, competitive assessment tests.

MCQ on Homeostasis in Biology Test 4Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Burrows help small mammals to

  1. enable heat loss
  2. prevent heat loss
  3. increase metabolic rate
  4. decrease metabolic rate


MCQ: Excess water and wastes travel out along nephron to the

  1. ureter
  2. connecting tubule
  3. collecting tubule
  4. renal pelvis


MCQ: From nephron, wastes enter into the

  1. collecting tubules
  2. ureter
  3. convoluted tubules
  4. medulla


MCQ: An increase in water potential refers to

  1. more osmotic pressure
  2. a drop in osmotic pressure
  3. more active transport
  4. excessive selective reabsorption


MCQ: Pain and touch receptors are found in

  1. dermis
  2. epidermis
  3. hypodermis
  4. all of these