Excretion O Level Biology Multiple Choice Questions 8 PDF Download

Learn excretion o level biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), O level biology test 8 for online learning, course exam prep. Practice kidneys as osmoregulators MCQs, excretion o level biology questions and answers on kidneys as osmoregulators, ultrafiltration, what is excretion test for online what is biology courses distance learning.

Free excretion o level biology quiz online, self-study student guide has multiple choice question: loss of water during sweating stimulates with choices lesser reabsorption of water, production of adh, lower osmotic pressure in plasma and release of adrenaline for scholars competing for college and universities' scholarships with college board ACT practice test. Study to learn online kidneys as osmoregulators quiz questions with Cambridge biology MCQs for biology certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Excretion O Level Biology Test 8 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Loss of water during sweating stimulates

  1. production of ADH
  2. lesser reabsorption of water
  3. lower osmotic pressure in plasma
  4. release of adrenaline


MCQ: Amount of ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone) secreted determines

  1. amount of nutrients reabsorbed
  2. amount of water reabsorbed
  3. amount of water excreted
  4. amount of food injested


MCQ: Large intake of water

  1. decreases osmotic pressure in plasma
  2. stimulates active production of ADH
  3. produces lesser urine
  4. causes excess selective reabsorption


MCQ: Ultrafiltration retains

  1. blood plasma
  2. small molecules
  3. water
  4. solid molecules


MCQ: Removal of metabolic waste is not only method to get rid of them. Other means include

  1. depositing them into dead cells
  2. converted into harmless insoluble substances
  3. converted to soluble harmless substances
  4. converted into soluble harmful substances