Glycerol MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn glycerol MCQs, IGCSE biology online test for distance education, free online courses prep. Practice nutrition in mammals multiple choice questions (MCQs), glycerol quiz questions and answers. SAT test prep on function of enzymes, digestion process, function of assimilation, functions and composition, glycerol tutorials for online what is biological science courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in biology degree MCQs: glycerol (c3h8o3) is, for online courses with choices soluble starch, soluble in water, insoluble in water, and deposited around kidneys and under the skin with online eLearning for online competitions like college board SAT exam guide. Free skills assessment test is for online learn glycerol quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on GlycerolQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Glycerol (C3H8O3) is

  1. soluble starch
  2. soluble in water
  3. insoluble in water
  4. deposited around kidneys and under the skin


MCQ: Glycerol can be formed through digestion of

  1. galactose
  2. fats
  3. glucose
  4. sucrose


MCQ: Fatty acids and glycerol (C3H8O3) are produced after hydrolysis of

  1. amino acids
  2. fats
  3. starch
  4. cellulose