Excretion and Egestion MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Excretion and egestion multiple choice questions (MCQs), excretion and egestion quiz answers to learn O level biology courses for online degrees. Excretion: o level biology MCQs with answers, excretion and egestion quiz questions and answers for online college degrees. Learn excretion and egestion test prep for biology certifications.

Learn excretion: o level biology test MCQs: malpighian capsule refers to the, with choices renal capsule, mass of blood capillaries, mass of veins, and both a and b for online college degrees. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning excretion and egestion quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major.

MCQ on Excretion and EgestionQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Malpighian capsule refers to the

  1. renal capsule
  2. mass of blood capillaries
  3. mass of veins
  4. both A and B


MCQ: Bulk of undigested material

  1. is a result of tissue respiration
  2. is formed inside cells
  3. have never been absorbed in the cells
  4. is produced due to metabolic changes


MCQ: Blood enters glomerulus through

  1. afferent arteriole
  2. efferent arteriole
  3. convoluted tubules
  4. blood capillaries


MCQ: Blood flows out of kidneys through

  1. nowhere
  2. renal vein
  3. renal artery
  4. renal pelvis


MCQ: Egestion is

  1. same as excretion
  2. same as defecation
  3. removal of metabolic wastes
  4. removal of toxic wastes