Conservation Fishing Grounds MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Conservation fishing grounds multiple choice questions (MCQs), conservation fishing grounds quiz answers to learn biology online courses. Effects of human activity on ecosystem MCQs, conservation fishing grounds quiz questions and answers for undergraduate degree. Learn pesticides: o level biology, causes of pollution: biology, pollution causes, recycling: waste disposal, conservation: forests and renewable resources, conservation: fishing grounds test prep for biology certifications.

Learn effects of human activity on ecosystem test MCQs: indiscriminate fishing shall be, with choices encouraged, discouraged, promoted, and taken to the next level for undergraduate degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning conservation fishing grounds quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major.

MCQ on Conservation Fishing GroundsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Indiscriminate fishing shall be

  1. encouraged
  2. discouraged
  3. promoted
  4. taken to the next level


MCQ: Drift nets capture fish

  1. discriminately
  2. indiscriminately
  3. in both ways
  4. drift nets don't capture fish


MCQ: Fish can be conserved if

  1. small fish are not caught
  2. indiscriminate fishing is done
  3. fishing period is extended
  4. fish hasn't laid eggs yet