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Learn college biology MCQs, O level biology test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Nutrition in general quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), college biology quiz questions and answers, nutrition vitamins, glucose formation, learning with biology, heat loss prevention, college biology tutorials for online immunology courses distance learning.

IGCSE biology practice test MCQ: fats act as with choices an insulating material, a constituent of protoplasm, a substance that restricts water loss and all of these with online learning guide for international exams' preparation like MCAT subjective test. Free study guide is for online learning college biology quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on College Biology Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Fats act as

  1. an insulating material
  2. a constituent of protoplasm
  3. a substance that restricts water loss
  4. all of these


MCQ. Due to osmotic pressure in marine fish, kidneys

  1. excretes salts
  2. excretes small amount of water
  3. produce concentrated urine
  4. all of these


MCQ. Amino acid chain in a protein molecule is

  1. straight
  2. coiled
  3. curved
  4. concave


MCQ. Elements of carbon (C), hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) are present in

  1. fats
  2. carbohydrates
  3. vitamins
  4. both A and B


MCQ. Trace elements do not include

  1. iodine
  2. zinc
  3. manganese
  4. calcium