Blood and Plasma MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

Blood and plasma MCQs, blood and plasma quiz with answers for online learning biology courses. Learn transport in mammals multiple choice questions (MCQs), blood and plasma quiz questions and answers. Career test on carboxyhaemoglobin, production of antibodies, circulatory system, heart: o level biology, blood and plasma test prep for online cellular biology courses distance learning.

Learn transport in mammals practice test MCQs: appearance of plasma is, to learn biology degree with options red in color, yellow in color, like platelets, like leucocytes for online eLearning for free hiring tests, pre-employment exams and job assessment test with answer key. Free skills assessment test for online learning blood and plasma quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major.

MCQ on Blood and PlasmaQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Appearance of Plasma is

  1. red in color
  2. yellow in color
  3. like platelets
  4. like leucocytes


MCQ: Tissue fluid is also known as

  1. lymph fluid
  2. plasma fluid
  3. interstitial fluid
  4. neurotic fluid


MCQ: Plasma

  1. constitutes 45% of blood
  2. contains corpuscles
  3. contains platelets
  4. is the fluid part of blood


MCQ: Bicarbonate ions (HCO3-) in plasma indicate presence of

  1. carbonic acid
  2. uric acid
  3. carbohydrates
  4. carbon dioxide


MCQ: Plasma does not contain

  1. erythrocytes
  2. antibodies
  3. serum albumin
  4. serum globulin