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Biology exam multiple choice questions (MCQs), biology exam test prep for online learning with IGCSE degree certificate eCourses. Learn nutrition in plants multiple choice questions (MCQs), biology exam quiz questions and answers. Career test on conditions essential for photosynthesis, photolysis, stomata and functions, photosynthesis in plants test for online cancer biology courses distance learning.

Learn nutrition in plants practice test MCQs: intestinal juices contain all but, for free online courses with options maltase, lipase, lactase, sucrose for online eLearning for free hiring tests, pre-employment exams and job assessment test with answer key. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online biology exam quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major.

MCQ on Biology ExamQuiz Book Download

MCQ: If rate of water evaporation exceeds rate of water in-take, plant cells will

  1. start to loose stomata
  2. the roots will look for more water
  3. the cells will start to plasmolysis
  4. the cells will start to photosynthesize


MCQ: Intestinal juices contain all but

  1. maltase
  2. lipase
  3. lactase
  4. sucrose


MCQ: While fasting

  1. supply of glucose is kept adequate
  2. fats are not oxidized
  3. fats are stored around heart and kidneys
  4. fats are oxidized


MCQ: Highest energy value is provided by

  1. lipids
  2. fats
  3. starch
  4. glucose


MCQ: Lactose (C12H22O11) can be hydrolyzed producing

  1. glucose
  2. galactose
  3. fructose
  4. both A and B